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The IRS agents always travel in pairs. Apparently so they can play “Bad Cop-Worse Cop.” Fred Chynoweth was Kent Spjute’s partner in IRS crime during the Booth criminal case. This means whatever Mark Cullers did that was wrong, these three agents, Hoos, Spjute and Chynoweth helped him to do. Whether it was to bring false allegation, write false reports, conspire to sway witnesses with threats, or to produce falsified testimonies and documents, these two were “all-in.” It was Fred Chynoweth though, who actually stood at Bob Bell’s desk and shouted at him that he would come under a special IRS full audit if he did not say exactly what the IRS wanted him to say. He made sure Bell knew that his company would be tied into Booth’s “sham trusts” in that audit. Fred Chynoweth took it upon himself to tell Bob Bell in no uncertain terms that Booth’s trusts were sham trusts because one had traded stock in another company for a deed of trust, instead of using cash to buy the stocks. As if this were somehow against the law. His ignorance of finance and the law is basically what the whole government case is riding on! He claimed Booth’s original trusts were shams. They were shams why? Because Fred Chynoweth SAID they were, based on some nonsensical idea he had about financing a sale. By bullying Bob Bell, Fred Chynoweth actually helped Booth lose a two million dollar sale when Bell backed out of his strip-mall deal with Steve Booth. The proceeds of which could have gone to pay Booth’s tax burden. Now that money is unrecoverable. Chynoweth scared Bell off from the sale, turned him into a witness for the prosecution. A prosecution which will inevitably fail, because no one has done anything wrong. Is this all some mark of hatred that Cullers and the IRS and perhaps the whole Obama administration has for free-enterprise?

It was Fred Chynoweth who terrorized Booth’s poor mother. He actually served Dr. Steven Booth’s Alzheimer’s stricken mother, Reba Booth, with a fake Grand Jury Subpoena, scaring the woman into believing her son was going to be put in jail. In fact the Grand Jury had not even been convened. Apparently this sort of scare-tactic is well used by the IRS and law enforcement. This act is patently illegal since Chynoweth had no jurisdiction to serve such a subpoena, since no agent working on a case can also work for the Grand Jury. This alone should get Fred Chynoweth fired. It just shows how over-the-top these revenue agents really are. Something tells me he wouldn’t be so gung-ho facing down a gun-runner or mobster…but an old-lady in ill-health? That’s an easy mark for a thug. Time to put a stop to these greasy “leg-breaker” tactics and break up the IRS mob for good! Perhaps what this country needs is a group of lawyers to step-up, put together a massive class-action law suit against the IRS and force the government to disband this entire agency? I know about a 100 million tax payers who would love to sign their name to a lawsuit like this!

Tom Horne, Investigator