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What was Special Agent Spjute looking for when he took out a search warrant, signed by an unauthorized judge, and took a raiding party to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Booth? It would be difficult to determine since the warrant didn’t specify anything at all. Not records, illegal weapons, drugs or other contraband. The warrant was so vague that it seemed to give the IRS carte-blanche to take away anything and everything they wanted…even if it didn’t prove their case! What was their case? Apparently the IRS was looking for something to show evidence that the Booths had colluded and conspired with one another to hide money and properties from them. Yet, when a search warrant is issued by a judge it is usually very specifically oriented towards finding evidence of some crime, distribution of controlled substances, murder, grand theft, so that the agents and officers would be looking for cocaine, or a murder weapon, blood stained clothes or perhaps jewelry or large amounts of untraceable money. Attempting to hide property in a trust is really not much of a crime. It doesn’t seem to warrant a full house search. It doesn’t really even warrant an investigation. Unless they are trying to make putting money and property in a legal trust into some sort of Federal Crime.

This is only one of the warrants Special Agent Spjute ordered during the criminal investigation of the Booths in order to intimidate them and get them to spill the beans about their master criminal conspiracy to hide their medical office building, personal residence and mother’s personal residence from the IRS…(hidden so carefully five years before the IRS ever knew who they were). Oh yes, Agent Spjute was good at his job. He worked under the direction of Mark E. Cullers, making sure America was safe from the evil tax-evading chiropractors that roamed Bakersfield in feral packs! He built a case that made the Booths look like Al Capone. Swearing they owed nearly four million dollars in back taxes. He must have thought they had hidden the loot in garbage bags under the floorboards. Spjute went after his prey like a bulldog, harassing and brow beating witnesses along with Revenue Officer Michael Hoos and Revenue Officer Fred Chynoweth. Basically these men were strong-arm thugs hired by the IRS to bring the Booths to heel. All very melodramatic. All very high-handed. All very costly to the American Tax-Payer. After all the Booths and others these men investigated were not leaders of a drug cartel or masterminds of some vast criminal conspiracy. Yet this is how the IRS treats all “suspects.” Time they got a clue. This is not the 1930’s, they aren’t looking for Machine Gun Kelly or Lucky Luciano! They are trying to squeeze money out of plumbers, chiropractors, asset management analysts and real estate investors. Time to put a leash on these government thugs.

Tom Horne, investigator