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For Truth, Justice and the American Way!

Selective and vindictive prosecution is absolutely against the law and the code of ethics of the American Justice System. A prosecutor cannot bring a case against a person solely based on the fact that the prosecutor doesn’t like the person they are prosecuting. In America the basis of our Constitutional law is still “innocent until proven guilty.” However, Mark Cullers has a different opinion. According to him, the innocent people he hunts down and prosecutes should be in jail whether they are innocent or not. Cullers sees to it that juries and judges are swayed to his way of thinking by harassing potential witnesses, threatening others so they will “rat out” people, and mocking the justice system as he wrangles false testimony from witnesses who themselves face his aggressive and underhanded prosecutorial techniques. The facts in this case were that Cullers truly believed and knew that Dr. Booth and Michael Ioane were innocent. He knew that Booth and Ioane had done nothing wrong and did not owe IRS money, but he proceeded with the case anyway in order to be vindictive and selective, the people that might have actually been guilty were not prosecuted at all. That is because Cullers knew Booth and Ioane were “easy pickin’s.” A prosecutor’s case goes a lot more smoothly when no one has to do any work, like collect evidence or get the testimony of good witnesses.

In the case of Mike Ioane, Cullers tried to wrangle up a nice “home cooked meal” for the IRS by grilling witnesses for the prosecution and bringing some half-baked charges to bear. Chef/ Prosecutor Cullers nearly got away with it and thought he had Ioane’s goose well cooked, with Ioane trussed up and dressed in Federal prison garb. They even had their “unhappy meal” shipped off to Lompoc. But in this case the meal decided to “bite back.” It is a rare day indeed when the IRS decides that someone owes them money, prosecutes them, wins and gets a judgment and a sentence, and then suddenly finds themselves being brought up short when the law releases their prisoner! Ioane was able to show the court system that had he been given a fair and just trial, he could have easily made his case that he owed the IRS nothing, and had in fact, never helped Dr. and Mrs. Booth hide any properties or create any sort of sham trusts. The court decided that the sentence and judgment that Cullers had extracted from Judge Lawrence O’Neil, was not proper. And Mark Cullers and the IRS were left hanging. It also left O’Neil looking like the inept and incompetent judge he is. Ioane was released and he continues to fight back against an unjust and malign system headed up by vindictive and black-hearted men who are much more a danger to our society than chiropractors and asset managers who may or may not owe the government some money.