We live in a world turned upside down. Every right we thought we had under the Constitution is threatened. The threats come, not from some sworn enemy but rather from those who have sworn to uphold the Constitution! The madness of a rogue government full of confused, undisciplined, power and money hungry incompetent men and women has taken us all into some strange places recently. Selling guns to Mexican Drug Cartels, driving a young man accused of hacking to suicide, even after the school which had been hacked dropped all charges. The continuing harassment of people like Julian Assange, the jailing of Private Bradley Manning who has been in prison for three long years without being tried. Most of this is happening under Obama’s watch. I won’t go into gun-control here. That’s a whole other issue. What I do want to mention is the bankers who are Too Big To Jail. Seems the government and the banks in league with one another, are breaking laws and dragging the Constitution through the mud. They seem to be above the law. Everything goes, laundering drug and terrorist money, stealing from the citizens of the U.S., while the government they are bankrolling is using unconstitutional tactics to restrain and detain citizens without trial; while letting real criminals go free. The ones who are lucky enough to be tried like Mike Ioane are most certainly not being tried properly or legally. Trials run by corrupt judges like Lawrence O’Neil mock the law. Innocent people are going to jail, while big bankers make millions in openly criminal enterprises!

Imagine having agents of the Federal govt. breaking into your home at night. They bear an open-ended warrant. It does not specify what the Feds can look for, or even what sort of crime may have been committed. Without warning they break into your home, guns drawn, screaming at your wife and yourself. Seeing you are both sitting on the couch terrified, obviously unarmed, they continue to scream at you and point guns directly at your heads for unending nightmarish minutes. One of the agents is screaming at her people to “Lower your weapons” but they don’t. They seem desperate to shoot someone, anyone, for any reason. All because of a possible case of alleged tax evasion by someone you barely know.

Later they ransack your home, taking books, files, computer records, telephone lists and notes to yourself. You realize they aren’t looking for criminals, they are looking to suspend your rights to free speech and expression. They have come because you told the IRS you were going to sue on your own behalf. So the IRS brought the heavy hammer of the law down upon you. Even though you have a right to redress your grievances with the government in a civil and peaceful manner, including instigating a law-suit, the government begs to differ. To them we are terrorists if we even open our mouths to protest their activities. This is what happened to Mike Ioane. In the end they threw him in jail over another man’s tax accounts and then let that man, Dr. Steven Booth, go free. Why? Pretty simply because Mike wrote a book the government does not like. Dr. Booth wrote nothing, and instead conspired with the IRS to railroad Ioane. I’ve gone on about this at some length in previous posts.

Mike was under house arrest and was about to ask for leniency when the court at Fresno, and judge Lawrence O’Neil had him re-incarcerated. The reason, because someone posted an advertisement for his book “The Boston Tea Party Book”  on-line. He’s been languishing there for months. But he has also been busy applying for various reliefs under the law while thinking about writing a new book about his saga.

Recently he has amended a lawsuit that names several government agents as defendants in the case. He accuses them of wrong-doing, conspiracy to trample his rights, conspiring with the IRS and the Judge Lawrence O’Neil and the Fresno court to lock him up even though he truly had not committed any crime. They used a vague search warrant to take away personal items and even money which they now refuse to return. They questioned him at the scene about the people he associated with, conferences he attended, business deals and other things which rather than connecting him to any crime, instead connected him with Political Affiliations and Ideologies which the U.S. Government finds threatening to their power. In other words they locked him up in order to shut him up.

At this time Mike resides in the Lompoc Federal Prison, awaiting his appeal and awaiting his final time in court to defend himself. He has accused this list of people of conspiring to keep him in jail and trumping up tax burdens on him. I have several times stated that these people need to be investigated thoroughly. There is something terribly wrong with the world today and the Michael Ioane case is a good case in point. I am providing this list of defendants in Michael’s law suit so that people have the names of certain agents and cohorts of the Fresno Court, The IRS and the Justice department who may be involved in usurping and trampling on the rights of good and decent citizens of this nation, who are in no way a threat to the nation or our way of life. Yet Michael is being treated like Bernie Madhoff, while bankers at HSBC and the Big Six get off scott-free with their crimes. Too many people with greed in their hearts and power plays on their minds are conspiring to trample our Constitution and this must be stopped now!

MELINDA S. PEYRET (falsifying documents)

ROBERT A. RAMIREZ (unethical practices)

JACOB SCOTT (false arrest, obstruction of justice, conspiracy)

MONTGOMERY OLSON (false arrest, obstruction of justice, conspiracy)

MICHELE CASAREZ (false arrest, obstruction of justice, conspiracy)

KENT R. SPJUTE (false arrest, harassment, obstruction)

JEAN NOLL (false arrest, harassment, obstruction)

JEFF HODGE (false arrest, harassment, obstruction)

BRIAN APPLEGATE (false arrest, harassment, obstruction)

DR. STEVEN BOOTH (perjury, bearing false witness, conspiracy)

If you or anyone you know has had dealings with any of these individuals or know about other criminal activities they may be a part of, please inform you attorney general’s office. These types of people are a blight and a stain on our country and our flag.

Thom Horne, Investigator.horn