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I’m sending this letter out to Eric Holder today! If anyone here wants to copy it and send one off under their names be my guest! Let’s get our friend Michael Scott Ioane free now!

Send To: Eric Holder,

Attorney General of the United States

950 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC,  20530-0001

To: Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder.

Re: Wasting tax payer money and the IRS applying illegal tactics to recover monies not owed.

Dear Atty Gen. Holder,

Date: 10/06/2012

Dear Atty Gen. Holder,

It has come to my attention after reading numerous blogs on the “Friends of Ioane” WordPress Blog Site that a good and honest man has been put in Federal prison for no apparent reason except perhaps a political one. His name is Michael Scott Ioane. He was sentenced by Judge Lawrence J. O’Neil in the Federal court for the Eastern District of California, to nine years in the Federal Penitentiary. The crime was Defrauding the U.S. Government. Recently the sentence was appealed and overturned by the 9th District Court of Appeals. Mr. Ioane was released into house arrest, where he is forced to be monitored day and night, not allowed to be gainfully employed, and forced to pay for his own Federally mandated GPS bracelet.

From what I have read this completely nonsensical charade started because another man, Dr. S.V. Booth of Bakersfield, CA ,was judged by the IRS to owe them back taxes. In order to pay for this tax burden they wanted to seize property that they mistakenly believed belonged to Dr. Booth. It did not. It had been put in a trust for his children in 1995. In 1996, Booth and his wife divested themselves of all interest in these 3 properties and gave them over to the trust’s managers. This was three years before Dr. Booth and his wife ever met Michael Ioane!

Sometime in 2004, the IRS began to make a criminal case against Dr. Booth, saying his trusts were shams and they were used to hide the properties from the IRS. (Ridiculous on the face of it, since they knew exactly where the properties were and how they had changed hands over the past ten years!) They knew that Michael Ioane had been hired by the trustees  (not Dr. Booth), to manage these trusts. In the meantime, Acacia Corporate Management LLC and Michael Ioane had purchased interest in the properties; Acacia holding 95% and Ioane holding 5% of the investment. At the time the IRS began asking Dr. Booth for the money and attempting to put liens and levies on the said properties, Dr. Booth made the testimony under oath in a court of law that Mr. Ioane and Acacia had nothing to do with the management or foundation of Booth’s initial trusts. After several years of arm-twisting and mob-like thug tactics by the IRS they convinced Dr. Booth to recant his testimony and place Michael Ioane in harm’s way by saying he was some sort of evil Svengali who had made Booth give him and Acacia the properties for free! Booth, at the behest of Mark E. Cullers, perjured himself in a court of law, convincing a judge and jury that Michael Ioane somehow had access to these properties from the beginning, had defrauded the Federal govt. by hiding the properties in sham trusts, and was a con artist! This slander and libel convinced the jury to incarcerate Michael Ioane! They released Dr. Booth. Yet, it was Dr. Booth who owed the IRS money, not Ioane. Ioane was dragged into a trial for which he was ill-prepared. He lost the case and the Judge sentenced him to an extensive prison term! Yet not one shred of evidence of Ioane’ wrong –doing or any criminal conspiracy was ever admitted into evidence. The evidence admitted was circumstantial and came from a raid by the IRS which was later disputed. At the time it was Judge O’Neil, acting as a Magistrate who gave the IRS a vague and ill-worded search warrant. When the warrant was disputed, Judge O’Neil took it upon himself to uphold the warrant, after he was appointed a Federal Justice! He should have recused himself altogether from this case. Instead he colluded with the IRS to jail and innocent man!

The outrage is this. At no time did Ioane ever help Booth create any trust. As a competent business leader in his community, he made suggestions to the trustee board on the already legal and established trusts, in how to fight the IRS claims. It is NOT illegal to dispute any IRS claim. Nor is it illegal for property to be passed and sold from one trust to another. What is illegal is trying to dissolve a trust, which is established for the good of minor children, without giving them a Guardian Ad Litem. Which is exactly what Judge Lawrence O’Neil and the IRS tried to do. It is also illegal to try to persuade a person in prison, that he will get a better “deal” if he just deeds over said properties back to Dr. Booth, and so reconvict himself as a fraud!

This Sir is a criminal conspiracy, and it was perpetrated by a Federal Judge, officers of the court and the IRS!  It was done because Michael Ioane, as they found out, was the author of the “Boston Tea Party Book.” Because Ioane understood the law as regards asset protections, (the same ones used by Dick Cheney or Mitt Romney and other wealthy persons) he was deemed suspect of criminal intent and prosecuted selectively and vindictively because he was seen to be a threat to the govt. All this is well documented with legal documents and testimonies throughout the various blogs I have read on the Friends of Michael Ioane site.


I believe an innocent man, who was also a thorn in the side of the IRS and the Federal government was unjustly marked for imprisonment and silence, in a concerted conspiracy between the IRS and the Fresno court. Because he chose jail over making a deal with the powers of that court, he has at least been given a second chance to defend himself. However, I am aghast that your offices are being thus misused by Federal agents in Fresno. I am also upset that my money as a tax payer, is going towards this strange campaign to convict a Bakersfield chiropractor and an Asset manager working for a strong, legal, and protective Asset Management corporation, of high crimes against the Federal govt. while drug dealers, murderers, human slave traders and others go scott free! The govt. is spending my hard earned money to try and get money which is not owed them, and to steal properties they have no right to, while at the same time stifling business, ruining people’s lives and reputations, and stealing money from minor children! You should read this blog site Mr. Holder. It has a wealth of information about how your office is completely in collusion with the Fresno court to strong-arm money from good tax-paying citizens. The stink of the power brokering and favoritism of that court in Fresno is about to be wafted to the general public at this critical juncture during a national election. I believe it is time you took note and investigated this mess!

Here are the names of the people who need to be investigated:

1.Judge Lawrence J. O’Neil

2.Mark Eugene Cullers    AUSA,

3.James Richard Terzian  AUSA

4.Susan Phan AUSA

5.Lawrence G. Brown, acting United States Attorney

6.Dennis Collins, Revenue Officer

7.Revenue Officer Michael Hoos

8. Revenue Officer Fred Chynoweth

9. John A. DiCicco, Acting Assistant Attorney General

10. Verna Santos AUSA

11. Special Agent Kent Spjute

12. Ronald A Cimino, Chief Western Criminal Enforcement Section

13. Special Agent Brian Hodges

14. Special Agent Michele M. Casarez

15. Special Agent Brian Applegate

16. Special Agent Jean Nole

17. Lauren M. Castaldi, AUSA

18. G.Patrick Jennings, AUSA


David St. Albans

Concerned Citizen