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The prosecuting attorney for the IRS case against Mike Ioane, the one who got him thrown in prison, was one Mr. Mark Cullers, assistant U.S. Attorney at the United States Department of Justice. Mr. Cullers has recently been involved in several cases where he seems to find people like pediatricians or chiropractors and makes criminals out of them. he spins a case against them, saying they defrauded the government or impeded some investigation the IRS had trumped up. Cullers seems to be “making his bones” in the Dept. of Justice by busting common citizens and then trying to toss them in prison while he collects the money he claims is owed in back taxes. All well and good, if he did not continually lie about how much money is really owed, and about how guilty the parties he attacks really are…in the case of Mike Ioane they aren’t guilty of anything at all. Mark E. Culler’s main claim to fame seems to be prosecuting cases against fairly harmless individuals with the tag-line “No one is above the law!” Except that Mark Cullers acts above the law at all times. And no one is investigating him.
What he did by trying to put Mike Ioane in prison over some inane squabble between the IRS and Dr. Stephen Booth and his wife, (whom they claimed owed them 2.3 million!) goes far beyond the spirit or letter of the law. It seems the Old IRS, the ones who used to love to drive “tax-evaders” into ruin, prison or suicide (the ones we thought Clinton had gotten rid of…) are back. I explain the details of the Booth case and how it entrapped Michael Ioane in my other blog…
Using techniques of threats and cajoling agents of the IRS were able to get Dr. Booth, a chiropractor in Bakersfield, CA, to perjure himself in a court of law and recant previous testimony given in the same court. That initial testimony had absolved Mike Ioane of all wrong-doing. When the case came before Judge Lawrence at the 9th District court of Eastern CA, suddenly Dr. Booth reversed his testimony. Suddenly his tax situation went from 2.3 million to 1.3 million, then down to 207K. Booth condemned Ioane as some sort of personal Rasputin…steering the poor Chiropractor and his wife by some magical means, to make up fake trusts, and hide the properties the IRS wanted, even before they had met him! This, all in order to conceal these tasty morsels from the righteous eyes of the IRS!
Booth and the IRS now contended that it was Booth, being duped and manipulated by Ioane, who set up a series of sham trusts. This was the seedy case Mark E. Cullers brought to bear against Mike Ioane, a case which must have cost the US government quite a bit of tax-payer money. Like “Fast and Furious” and other Dept. of Justice “stings,” it was neither a sting, nor just and in the end it was a failure. It was just another case of ineptitude, cover-up and dubious legal practices on the part of the Justice Dept.
During the case Mark Culler lied to the Grand jury, lied to Judge Lawrence, held back pertinent information from the court, caused Booth to perjure himself and got a conviction of an innocent man based on these lies and prevarications. Culler also insisted that Mike Ioane was in arrears on his back taxes to the tune of 60K! (which is proof of nothing and should not have influenced the case in any instance…)When in fact he knew Ioane owed them nothing. He was able to use his influence with the court to throw a man in Federal Lock-up and nearly ruin his life. All for what? Ioane has been released from prison based on the fact that had he been given a fair trial, he could have proven that he in no way had ever helped the Booths do anything but manage their properties and trusts, which was the job they hired him for. Why would Cullers and the Obama run Dept. of Justice do this? Well it could be because Mike Iaone was the author of the seminal book, The Boston Tea Party, which helped launch the Tea Party political revolt. It may be that the Justice dept. has a grudge against people who think that it is politicians and banks and the government itself who are working “above the law” and outside the bounds of the Constitution.
I will deal with this subject more in my next post.

Tom Horne: Investigator.