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Finally Judge Ishii of the Fresno court has made a decision, basically stating that all of the Booth’s lawsuits be dismissed. This means the IRS can no longer manipulate Booth, forcing him to try to acquire back the three Bakersfield Properties that have been in dispute for some twelve or more years. Score one for Mike Ioane!

But as I read this, I was thinking, didn’t those trusts belong to the Booth’s minor children? If so, why was no Guardian ad litem ever appointed to protect the children’s interests? What is a guardian ad litem? I took this definition off the “Free Dictionary by Farlex…”

“ad litem adj. legal Latin meaning “for the purposes of the legal action only.” Most often the term applies to a parent who files a lawsuit for his or her minor child as “guardian at litem” (guardian just for the purposes of the lawsuit) or for a person who is incompetent. Either at the time the lawsuit is filed or shortly thereafter, the parent petitions the court to allow him/her to be guardian ad litem, which is brought ex parte (without a noticed hearing) and is almost always granted. A person acting ad litem has the responsibility to pursue the lawsuit and to account for the money recovered for damages. If a child in such a lawsuit reaches majority (18 in most states) while the suit is pending, the ad litem guardianship terminates and the “new” adult can run his/her own lawsuit. Some courts require an order terminating the guardianship ad litem upon proof of coming of age. (See: guardian ad litem)

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This all begs the question: Why did the IRS and the Fresno Court system try to steal properties from trusts that were held in the name of the minor children of Dr. and Mrs. Steven V. Booth of Bakersfield, CA?

Since there were minor children involved, the court was to make sure a Guardian ad litem was appointed.  By not appointing such a guardian, the govt. and the court and Dr. Booth himself, were basically able to take the properties and begin to haggle over them in order to attain them and sell them off for money, leaving the children bereft of their inheritance. Basically this is theft from minor children for whom the govt. and the court system showed no regard.

Further Dr. Booth had been ordered to dissolve all the trusts in a previous court case. And these trusts were never dissolved. Therefore they remain intact and still the property of the Booth’s minor children. Yet to date, no one has ever defended their inheritance. To dissolve the trusts without benefit of a Guardian ad litem would be a felony crime in the state of California. So 0nce again both the Fresno court and the IRS along with Dr. Booth himself, are attempting to commit a felony crime against the true beneficiaries of the three disputed Bakersfield properties in the trusts. Booth’s own children!

You can read the entire document here…Motion To Dismiss

Tom Horne, Investigator