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There was another gentleman (and I use the word sarcastically) involved in this twisted Booth/Ioane/IRS case in the Fresno court. A man the IRS investigated and even accused of defrauding them who was never prosecuted! This man’s name is Bob Bell. A multi-millionaire real estate developer; he actually used the 3 Bakersfield  properties disputed in the IRS/Booth case as leverage in a trade for the acquisition of a local strip mall! Yet at no time did this man ever face prosecution, even though the IRS swore he had done exactly the same thing Ioane had done in defrauding the IRS. They even accused Bob Bell of laundering money for Dr. and Mrs. Booth. An IRS agent named Michael Hoos went so far as to threaten Bob Bell if he did not implicate Michael Ioane  and Dr. Booth in their bizarre conspiracy fantasy! And yet, in the end, Bob Bell got off scot free and was never accused of these wrong-doings in court. This proves that the IRS is playing favorites.

Did Bell pay off the IRS? Bell claimed that he gave $400,000 to a certain IRS agent, Michael Hoos. If he truly was as guilty as Ioane was of defrauding the IRS, why wasn’t Bell put on trial? Bob Bell’s attorneys Michael Mears and John Reedy actually put together the real estate transaction involving the three Bakersfield properties in 2001 and 2002, which Mears and Reedy must have know were under dispute. So why didn’t the IRS come after Mears and Reedy for fraud and trying to hide properties? Most likely it was because Michael Ioane actually had sued the IRS in a Quiet Title suit over the properties and was winning! Michael Ioane had also called for an Investigation into the activities of a questionable IRS  agent named Michael Hoos. (FYI: He is now under investigation of having been involved in allegedly embezzling that missing $400,000). When a man like Iaone who understands his rights, becomes a thorn in the IRS’ side, they simply pluck him out, prosecute him unlawfully and maliciously, and toss him in prison. Usually it is then “Case Closed” but not in this case…which remains open.

This is proof that the selective and vindictive prosecution case I made in my last blog was true. Ioane was selected to be punished, because he was maintaining and protecting his rights as a citizen of the United States. Worse, he was bothering the All Mighty IRS by using the law against them. It seems the recent Obama Administration is out to get anyone who tries to use the laws of the United States as a protection from being railroaded by the government. The sad fact seems to be that if you embarrass the government and current administration in any way, you become an enemy of the state. But if you bend over and take their abuse, you can go safely back home and pay your taxes in peace like a good little sheep.

Investigator: Tom Horne