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Misfeasance in public office or “misprision of felony” is a crime in the United States. The terms originated in England and Wales and meant “to stand idly by while someone commits a felony.” In other words If a person saw a crime, they had to report it, or they were guilty of a crime as well. This law still stands today. Yet it seems this is the way of the world, no one wants to get involved. Everyone either sits by and watches someone commit crimes or worse, they actually involve themselves in helping commit the crime! Like Obama selling guns to Mexican Drug Cartels, and allowing the banks like HBS to launder their money, or giving bail-outs to banks who actually fixed the Libor interest rates! No one goes to jail, because everyone is getting a cut of the pie.

All this starts in small ways, as we’ve seen in the IRS v Ioane case. In the U.S. District court, Fresno, there seems to be a large body of officials and attorneys like Mark E, Cullers, G. Patrick Jennings and the judges Anthony Ishii and Lawrence O’Neil, who stand idly by every day watching their fellows and partners commit all sorts of crimes, breaches of public trust and unethical practices. The court seems to be a cesspool of underhanded dealings and shady cover-ups We’ve had attorneys filing false documents, non-jurisdictional judges signing illegal search warrants, U.S. officials corrupting witnesses, IRS agents searching homes using the bogus warrants, attorneys getting people to perjure themselves; as well as over officious judges like Lawrence O’Neil making rash and near-insane hyperbolic sentencings. The whole time the citizens of the U.S. and California are having to PAY for the privilege of having a corrupt court system with their hard earned tax money. The very same money the IRS is actually wasting by trying to get the money back illegally from decent citizens who don’t owe the govt. anything! The court is like an old time carnival, full of grifters, con-men, frauds taking our money and making deals in dark corners…all with the outside appearance of integrity and even apparent judicial dignity! A court is supposed to be the seat of justice. The Fresno court seems to be a smuggler’s den of men making power plays and back-room deals.

In the U.S. District court in Fresno you’ve got Mark E. Cullers making deals with defendants and witnesses to make his cases, getting them to lie and sign false testimonies. You’ve got Judge Lawrence sucking up everything Cullers’ has to say and making rash judgments based on little or no evidence. You’ve got civil attorneys like Randolf Krchebek and govt. attorneys like G. Patrick Jennings telling their clients to lie to the court and get someone else in trouble so they can walk away clean! You’ve got judges like Anthony Ishii sitting on their hands and not even looking at cases. Of course it wouldn’t be a carnival if some innocent person isn’t thrown in the dunk-tank like Mike Ioane was, because in the Fresno court someone has to be shown to be guilty, so it might as well be the innocent! We wouldn’t want criminal judges and attorneys going to their own jails and prisons, would we? After all, if you shut enough people up by throwing them in prison, you can go about your illegal business in peace. So the U.S. District court in Fresno, with its shills and confidence tricksters, are making rubes out of the citizenry of the United States. Such a shameful state of things must not go uninvestigated!

Tom Horne, Investigator.