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I mentioned in my previous blog that there were some civil and criminal attorneys involved in the Booth/Ioane/IRS cases that should be investigated by the California State Bar. The next on my list is Eric Fogderude. He was the attorney for Dr. Booth who at first seemed to be genuinely helpful and trying to do the best for his client. He had Booth sign and file sworn affidavits that Booth did not own the 3 Bakersfield properties that the IRS wanted to seize. From 2005 through 2008 Fogderude, along with attorney John Reedy, even consulted with Michael Ioane by phone before Fogderude and Booth filed the affidavits stating that Dr. Booth did not own the 3 Bakersfield properties in question. Fogderude was making sure they were truthful and correct. All well and good. He seemed to want to help Booth and Ioane before the criminal case came up.

 What happened? What made Fogderude switch sides? Suddenly in 2010 and the criminal case against Booth,  Fogderude is front and center as the one who along with Mark E. Cullers and the IRS told Dr. Booth to perjure himself, and who helped him write an entire new testimony to be filed in the federal court. Now Fogderude was telling Booth to swear he had lied to the IRS, had indeed conspired with Michael Ioane to submit falsified documents and further conspired to hide the 3 Bakersfield properties from the IRS with the intent to defraud the government! This put Michael Ioane in jeopardy since Booth swore now he followed everything Ioane, not Fogderude, had told him to do! This attorney EricFogderude manipulated the court, manipulated and coached his client to lie and basically lied about all the affidavits he had helped file previously. He in essence helped condemn another man, one he actually worked with on the former affidavits, to federal prison! What sort of man does this to others? It’s attorneys like Fogderude who give the practice of law a bad name. When you think of the old joke told by King Henry VIII “What do you call a hundred lawyers lying at the bottom of the sea…A good start!” Think of someone like Eric Fogderude!

 Eric Fogderude, 5412 North Palm Avenue # 101, Fresno, CA , 93704,  (559) 431-9710 direct line, Fax line (559) 431-4108

Tom Horne, Investigator