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In my last blog I proposed someone investigate several of the lawyers involved in the Booth and Ioane civil and criminal cases held in the U.S. District Court for Eastern California, Fresno. The big culprits like Judge lawrence O’Neil, Judge Anthony Ishii, Mark E. Cullers and G. Patrick Jennings I have already spoken about in depth. These are all the “made men” of the court in Fresno and the U.S. Justice dept. They pull the strings and make the ground  rules that they have their people follow. Every one of these puppet masters can be held in violation of the rules of the California State bar, State and Federal law. These are the “big fish” in the small Fresno pond. However other lawyers involved in actually defending (and I use that word in jest…) Booth and Ioane in both civil and criminal cases seem to have been either inept, or in collusion with the Federal, State judges and prosecutors.  Were these attorneys simply incompetent or were they puppets of powerful men?  The first name on that list of civil attorneys is Randolf Krbechek.

Mr. Krbechek was responsible for handling the Booth’s civil case against Michael Ioane. One which seems to have been launched in collusion with the IRS. Krbechek persuaded Dr. Booth to bring a second Quiet Title action against Ioane in state court. This was an identical lawsuit already present in federal court brought against Ioane by Booth and the feds. Krbechek’s unethical act was helping Booth to file this frivolous lawsuit designed to “forum shop.” The new lawsuit was filed under penalty of perjury claiming that Booth was the owner of the subject real property in 2011, while an exact opposite suit which had already been won by Acacia and Ioane stated Booth did not own the subject property, was previously signed and agreed to by Booth in 2007. What this means is that once again, an attorney basically told his client to lie to the court! The frivolous Quiet Title suit filed in state court was later removed to the federal court, where it sits gathering dust to this day. Why is it sitting awaiting judgment? Because it is a key piece in the IRS case. They had to prove Dr. Booth owned his properties “under the table” and was hiding them from the IRS so they could seize them and convict someone of fraud. Instead of using evidence of foul play to convict, the IRS and State courts simply used foul players! A tangled web of deception indeed.

If you would like to ask this gentleman these questions yourself, or investigate further, he can be reached at:

Randolf Krbechek, Fort Washington Road, Suite 104, Fresno, California 93730

Phone 559-434-4500 direct and fax 559-434-4554.

Tom Horne, Investigator.