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Reading through the various legal documents of the Booth and Ioane civil cases against the IRS in the U.S. District court for Eastern California, Fresno, it became apparent that two or more of the attorneys involved had breached the law. In the cases against Booth and Ioane Attorney G. Patrick Jennings was the attorney for the government’s case. It was he who from the beginning tried to seize the three properties that he knew Booth no longer owned. Attorney Jennings later instructed Booth to file false affidavits claiming ownership of the three Bakersfield properties under a Quiet Title suit against Ioane and Acacia; a suit the govt. had already lost once! This means attorney Jennings made Booth file a frivolous lawsuit in another court, hoping to win a case he had already lost. This is called “forum shopping” and is a violation of the State of California’s Bar rules. In effect Jennings was also telling Booth to lie and perjure himself, since he knew that Booth had already sworn that he no longer owned said properties. This is called subordination of perjury. In most cases given such allegations, an investigation would ensue and the attorney severely reprimanded or disbarred. Of course no investigation was ever begun. Mainly because many of these cases are still languishing in the court’s docket and have not ever been resolved. They are still pending review by Judge Anthony Ishii after some ten years!

Though few of the details of the civil cases which led to the criminal case against Booth and Ioane have been given out yet, I do make all these details evident in my earlier blogs. The California State Bar association needs to look into these cases thoroughly. One has to ask how a government attorney like G. Patrick Jennings has been able to act in such a highly suspect and unethical manner for so long and remain a government employee and a member of the California Bar? Also, there is a question as to whether Jennings worked with Mark E. Cullers of the Justice Dept. to further corrupt the criminal case of Booth and Ioane by insisting it was Booth and Ioane who first filed false affidavits against the IRS in their civil suits. Later Cullers caused Booth to perjure himself in front of Judge Lawrence O’Neil. Making certain that Booth convicted Ioane by verbally reiterating his written lies on the stand. It seems that asking witnesses and defendants to lie in court or to withhold evidence, is a regular gambit used by the IRS and the US Government.

If you would like to question this attorney about the case, or investigate him further here is his address and phone number.

Government Attorney G. Patrick Jennings, U.S. Department of Justice,

P.O. Box  683 Ben Franklin Station, Washington, D.C. 20044-0683

Phone 202-307-6648 and Fax 202-307-0054,

Tom Horne: Investigator.