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Many people develop family corporations, headed by personal friends or trusted associates in order to protect their assets. The Constitution after all, allows us to defend ourselves against and even mistrust the Federal govt. The Founding Fathers knew even a legally elected government has a propensity to become tyrannical as it seeks more and more power. The IRS claimed Booth was “hiding” assets. There is a big difference between “hiding assets” and protecting them. What we do not know is whether Dr. Booth was having IRS trouble at the time and did all this “after-the-fact” or was he simply trying to protect his assets from future complications? Only Dr. and Mrs. Booth know why they were doing all this legal trust work. Needless to say most people would take any steps necessary to protect valuable properties and assets from the taxman and would use every available legal means to do so. In 1998 they met Michael Scott Ioane and  being an asset protection professional, he gave them advice on their assets and trusts on a fee basis. Again, this was three years before the IRS decided to come after the Booths.

In Booth’s first testimony sworn under oath in 2007, he claimed Mike Ioane had nothing to do with the setting up of the trusts or the management of them until 1999. Mike Ioane was hired by the Booths to assist in managing their trusts as an administrator and did what Booth and his lawyers asked him to do. Mr. Iaone was not “in-charge” of anything. He did not even have an interest in the Acacia properties at this time.  Certainly nothing was ever purposefully “hidden” from the IRS by Mike Ioane. Transfers, quit claims, and the eventual sale of the properties to Acacia Corporate Management LLC by Bakersfield Trust were all legal and aboveboard, Acacia’s taxes were filed and paid and all sale documentation properly recorded with the county. Further, the Acacia Corporate Management LLC was not even incorporated until 2003 by Ioane’s family. So linking Mike Ioane to the Booths as some sort of mastermind/co-conspirator is ridiculous. it really is all about the greed and the seeming need for the current administration, to strip citizens of their rights.

This brings us up to 2007 when Booth’s lawyers began to make motions that the court dismiss the IRS case against him and his wife, since the IRS had not filed their paperwork correctly.* It seems the IRS had not done their research and had been stymied in attaching the properties they wanted. They had brought liens against Booth on several occasions, and then removed them again. They kept trying to take property that did not belong to the Booths. Apparently then, the  IRS  re-filed their same cases in other courts at the same time because Judge Ishii would not rule on any of the cases, muddying the waters further. It is inappropriate to bring the same cause before two different courts at the same time. At this time Mike Ioane and Acacia Corporate Management LLC were dragged into the case when the IRS discovered that Acacia owned the three disputed properties. Acacia and Mike Ioane also began to make their own series of motions, at first working with Booth’s lawyers and trying to get the 9th District court to make some sort of decision on the motions to dismiss and to uphold the Quiet Title suit. If the court had done its work, the IRS would have been unable to bring further cause against Booth, Ioane and/or Acacia. Because nothing was done about any of these pending cases it made it easy for the IRS to keep the heat on Dr. Booth. When they pressured him to recant his initial sworn testimony that Mike Ioane and Acacia were never involved in 2010, they began to make a Federal Case against the Booths and Ioane. They were determined to get those properties, whether they were protected by law or not.

Below is a photo of a man, hired by judges, and real estate owners to clear their lands of cattle rustlers. A Stock Detective named Tom Horn. My namesake. He was hung for a murder he did not commit, and fully exonerated of all charges 100 years later, post mortem. And my question is this; Do good men have to suffer at the hands of the rich and the powerful, the government and the law, and be wrongfully accused of a crime, languish in prison and even be executed before Americans wake up and say Enough is Enough? The Obama Administration and the Congress and Senate of this country seem to want every citizen to stand in awe and terror of their might. They want us to tremble at their “renditions” (read: torture) Their ability to “disappear” people without a word, warrant or access to any sort of legal help. They want us to know they can throw us in prison on a whim and we will never see the light of day again. UNLESS WE DO THINGS THEIR WAY! Why? Because a government has every right to be afraid of a free citizen! And together we can shake off these bed-bugs called “politicians” and live our lives as the Constitution intended.

Image Tom Horn

Posted by Tom Horne