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ImageI have been researching this on-going case for a few weeks now. So, what is the basic story here? How did such simple cases of local real estate laws like transfers to trusts, motions for dismissals, motions for decisions, and oppositions to same, and a Quiet Title suit become such a tangled and deadly web for Michael Scott Iaone? Why are these simple cases dragging on now for over six long years? Why won’t Judge Anthony Ishii commit to a ruling on these cases? Is it because the IRS stands not only to lose face, but is in collusion with the courts in Fresno, CA to circumvent the laws of California? Are they trying to strangle the laws of the land in a web of illegal seizures and imprisonments where the Federal government supersedes the rights of the citizens of the states? Are they making misusing state and local laws in order to:  “make examples” of people whom they feel are a threat because they understand and use the state laws to their own benefit and for their own protection? Are we headed for some sort of Totalitarian State under the Obama administration where all property belongs to the government regardless of the State and Federal  Constitution and its protections? Are our rights being abridged in what was once “The Land of the Free?” I believe this to be the truth. And it all started at a trust seminar in 1995.

According to the initial sworn testimony of Dr. and Mrs. Booth, residents of Bakersfield, where Dr. Booth practiced as a chiropractor, they attended a seminar in 1995 with the “National Trust Service.”  At the seminar they were taught, as many people have been, how to set up trusts and corporations to protect their valuable assets from possible future legal actions.  “Asset protection” is a patently legal and well-used device. Most wealthy Americans use these protections all the time. There is nothing either “shady” or “fraudulent” about trying to keep our property away from the taxman or any other bill collector. Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney have several protections like these, including off-shore accounts and corporate trusts. No one bothers them about it. Various states have rules about trusts and corporations for the purpose of asset protection. Some states are strict, others more lenient. This is called States Rights. And so far, the Federal government has respected these rights. That is, they have not come to the conclusion or set any legal precedent that a corporation based in Michigan is “real” while one based in Nevada is a “sham.” Concurrently real estate laws also vary between states, and the Federal govt. must abide by the laws of the state they are dealing with when attempting to collect taxes. In this case though the IRS decided to abuse the laws of California, rather than respect them.

At the Trust Building seminar, the Booths learned about asset protection and succeeded in creating three trusts. The Alpha Omega Trust, the Aligned Enterprise Trust and the Agape Charitable Trust. This was all done in 1995. So how was Mike Ioane involved at this point? He wasn’t involved. They did not even meet Michael Ioane for another three years in 1998-99.* As far as I can determine the Booths had no trouble with the govt. at the time they set up their trusts. The Booths filed their tax returns and paid their taxes during this period. They set up the trusts in order to pass their properties on to their children, who were the beneficiaries. These trusts were and are legal and aboveboard, as the IRS well knows.

In my next article, I will further untangle these devious threads and attempt to get to the bottom of this case.

Posted by Tom Horne