We live in a world in which we are all striving to be greener, kinder to the planet, to facilitate the use of renewable fuels, to leave a carbon neutral footprint and, most of all, make sure that the world we leave our grandchildren is as beautiful as it was when we entered the world.

But not Judge Lawrence O’Neil! It would appear that the corrupt judge is not only sending innocent men to prison – but is stopping, in a court of law, California from enforcing one of the first of its kind mandates to strive for cleaner, lower-carbon fuels. Not only has my investigation of this particular District Court Judge already highlighted miscarriages of justice with regards to the illegal ruling on a search warrant of an Atwater man, but also that he appears not to give a hoot about the environment.
His reason? The new proposed rules favour biofuels.

Pardon? Am I reading this right? The state of California is refusing to work towards a greener, safer planet because Judge O’Neil will not allow it? What on earth could this narcissistic judge be looking to gain from stopping the state from working to save our planet? What could possibly be wrong with the state having a preference for biofuels? Does the judge have an ulterior motive? Has he invested in non-renewable fuels? Why would a representative for government oppose a move to create a greener planet?

The current lawsuit was filed by the National Petrochemical & Refiners Associations and the Consumer Energy Alliance, in opposition to the state’s global warming law as rolled out in 2006. He further stated that the proposed low carbon fuel regulations would have violated the U.S. Constitution commerce clause by discriminating against companies which trade in crude oil. I suppose his concern with commerce isn’t just coincidental? Is there a regard to ulterior motives as I suspect? I make no claims, only suggestions.

I am at a total loss, I just don’t understand his behaviour, and this comes from a psychological perspective. In fact, his behaviour is beginning to worry me. As a concerned individual, I feel I have the right to ask why on earth something so ignorant, so damn right ridiculous could be allowed to go on in a federal district court. Is Judge O’Neil starting to lose his marbles? Does he not know the state of OUR planet? Is he not aware of the detrimental effect our existence has on this planet in regards to use of fuel, and if so, why the hell would he want to stop it? I am struggling to comprehend such justifications without wondering if there is something not all that ‘right’ with Judge O’Neil.

But wait, there is more. It would appear that this is not the first time our wonderful Judge O’Neil has taken a dislike to the proposal of a greener environment. On the 29th December, 2011, Judge O’Neil issued 3 rulings with regards to the proposition of enforcing a Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) by The Air Resources Board, California (ARB) in Rocky Mountain Farmers Union et al v. Goldstene (1:2009cv02234). The ARB (primarily concerned with the reduction of air pollution and the increase in air quality) issued a statement at the time to state that although it would follow the rulings as set by Judge O’Neil, it would seek a stay of his injunction.

Wait! It gets better. On 23rd January, 2012, a motion was filed by the ARB California to stay the injunction as aforementioned. Members of the petroleum and ethanol industry had previously stated that the proposed LCFS violated the Commerce Claus of the US Constitution (yes, I have covered his pre-occupation with commerce). However, ARB argued that the LCFS is an ‘even-handed and authorized’ fuel regulation that is PERMITTED by the Clean Air Act and as such is EXEMPT from the Judges favourite Commerce Clause. But guess what? Yes, you got it! He DENIED the motion.

BUT (oh, thank goodness, there is a but!), on the 23rd April of 2012, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals OVERTURNED his decision to place an injunction which blocked the enforcement of the LCFS . This decision by the Ninth Circuit has allowed the ARB to continue to implement regulations which work towards a lower carbon fuel standard, a safer cleaner environment for Californians.
Why has Judge O’Neil not just walked himself out of the court rooms, out of power and out of everybody’s way to a nice little retirement home? Perhaps next door to a nuclear power station? Yes, I know it sounds like sarcasm, but if you look at it from an outsider’s perspective, it would appear that he appears to like energy resources that damage the environment and might even be happy watching all the smoke puffing away, filled with nuclear waste, into our beautiful blue skies. Let’s all be grateful to the U.S. Court of Appeals for overturning the decisions of this senseless and power crazed individual. It’s just a shame that you didn’t overturn his right to make such ridiculous decisions in the first place.