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The IRS is turning into one fascist monster, the likes of which were only present before the Second World War. From wrongful incrimination to threatening and abusing witnesses in cases and colluding with judges to give the wrong verdicts, they have gone too far. It may be okay for a gangster and a thug to be accused of extortion and perjury and all forms of wrongful behavior but for an innocent man to go through this is a really disheartening occurrence. Who is the government and the judicial system meant to safeguard? Isn’t it the very human being it is oppressing and wrongfully accusing?

The system in this country is getting worse and worse and it is time people took notice of it. The kind of impunity that has been seen lately in the IRS and the judicial system is an indication that collection of taxes took precedence to all other human values that must be upheld. Isn’t it why the fourth amendment has been grossly disregarded in this victim’s case? Why has the government not come in the defense of this innocent man who is being victimized for the personal gain of a few unscrupulous people?

It is disheartening to know that even if you were wrongfully accused and taken to court, there would be no one to stand with justice and say you are innocent. Before we open our eyes wide, this will be happening in other states and not just California and in the entire country. The rot in the IRS and the judicial system must be rooted out before it gets too much. If all of us had to face a corrupt and lazy judge like Judge O’Neil who takes other magistrates notes and makes them into his own case what would happen? And to go through the harsh and abusive sessions with him that the Atwater man has endured, how disheartening is that?

Is the IRS on a revenge mission for the first case they lost against this victim? If so, why are the judicial systems acting in their favor instead of standing for justice? Is anyone of us really safe from the IRS if they have the mandate to harass whoever they wish? Is our wealth and professional standing safeguarded as long as they are around?