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The California resident (aka Atwater man) is one man who has been grossly misjudged. The very same judicial system that is supposed to protect and safeguard his human rights has turned out to be the worst nightmare in his life. Being victimized after a mistake involving a whole firm of lawyers is just too unfair. And how can one man be charged for two different crimes and indicted for the same on two different occasions. Is there something that is not being said here?

Despite the clear indication that the victim was never a Nominee of The Stephen Booth Firm, how does the IRS get to harass him on two occasions accusing him of criminal actions? And what are these actions that he is being accused of as an individual despite the problem arising from a whole firm of lawyers and accountants too? Is the IRS just looking for a scapegoat for all its troubles?

The very strange circumstances in which the Atwater man was arrested also leave a lot of unanswered questions. Why didn’t the judge execute the arrest warrant and instead the deputy clerk of the court did it? And why is there no oath or affirmation as is required by the fourth amendment? It is very wrong for the same judicial system that is supposed to uphold the laws and the regulations of the land to break the most basic of them all, the fourth amendment. This begs the question whether every citizen in this nation is free to do their work without being victimized and unfairly accused.

The IRS is certainly trying to cover up something in this case. Their manipulation and threatening of witnesses in the case is very frightening because it is an indication that nobody in this great nation is safe from their clutches. Why do they have the power to destroy the lives of innocent people and accuse them of non-existent crimes? Who will heed the cries of the victim who is an innocent man and many others who are languishing in jail because of the selfish ambitions and agendas being driven by a few unscrupulous people?