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In 2012, corruption among the ones we thought was at hand to protect Americans is at an all time high.  As a child I can remember waking up and watching the news on weekends with my parents, hearing them debate on almost every media topic.  I do remember them agreeing on one thing, the American Justice System was the fairest in the world.  They would tell me how in other countries if you stole a pack of gum your hand would be chopped off.  I don’t know if it was that extreme, but it was a tactic to deter me from stealing and it worked!

Oh how the world has changed in the last 30 or more years…

Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, doctors, investors, stock holders, banks, or any other profession that includes big money and greed, all seem to be getting caught with our money in their pockets.  Why in the last 10 years has this trend gotten so hot?  Or has it been going on for so many years that it finally got out of control and came to a head?  The stories on television about prisoners being released after 20 years and being found innocent through DNA testing are revolting.  How could our justice system allow this to happen?  Do the judges and prosecutors who were hired to protect Americans sleep at night after they knowingly put these innocent people in prison?  The sad answer is yes, they sleep just fine while taking an extra vacation for working so hard on the case.

Who pays for these criminals to run our American Justice System and Economy?  This answer is even better; we pay them all, the everyday American worker and taxpayer.  While disabled Americans are being denied Medicare due to lack of funds and out elderly parents are going without medication from a plan they paid into for decades, these criminals are vacationing on yachts around the world.  Children go to school without eating breakfast because parents can’t afford to keep 3 meals on the table everyday and they’re eating lobster and steak every night.

Michael Ioane knows all too well about what the American Justice System can do to a person’s spirit and reputation.  They’ve dragged him down so low as to lock him up in Federal Prison to prove their power is higher and greater than his.  However, Ioane doesn’t get beaten down that easily.  He will not go away and keeps on fighting every step of the way.  His newest victory was a great one.  No other person has been able to beat the Ninth Circuit against Judge O’Neil except for him, which shows his dedication. 

Ioane is the only man to go against not only Judge O’Neil but the prosecutor’s office of Fresno, California as well.  Together they break the very laws they swore to honor and protect. Reword, manipulate, and alter the truth to generate their version and make Ioane look guilty of a crime that he was never even charged with!  That’s right; the actual charges Ioane was sent to Federal Prison for were not even on his indictment!  How can a man be sent to prison for 9 years for a crime he was never formally charged with?  Well in Judge O’Neil’s court anything can happen, including attempting to take 10 years from a man’s life just because he doesn’t agree with his tactics of professionalism.  People should wonder how many times he has done this to other innocent people. Obviously, justice is not a concern for Judge O’Neill or the members of his court room.