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Malfeasance, corruption, criminal breaking and entering, witness tampering/threatening, theft, blackmail, slander and libel, extortion, collusion to commit crimes or to tamper with evidence…These are some of the things that we usually think of when we think of the Mafia, drug cartels, or other criminal conspiracies. Yet these are actually crimes being committed under the present Obama Administration by the IRS and Federal and Local judges, lawyers and false witnesses in collusion with the IRS. These are people who are sworn before God, (usually with one hand on the Bible), and before witnesses, to never go against, and to always uphold the laws that govern the United States of America and its Constitution. Hypocritically they lie under oath and actually set about to undermine those laws and in many cases destroy the careers and lives of innocent people. Why are they doing this? Simply for two reasons: One is to protect their jobs, because if they are found out, their careers are ruined. Secondly; for pure ascent to power. They will do anything to take and maintain control and power over people they assume they are superior to. In the end these government officials are often paid by your tax dollars! So they are burdening the tax payers by siphoning off needed funds for schools, roads, education, Medicare and social security, so they can line their own pockets and leach off the government until they retire.

This is happening in many communities throughout the United States. However our story unfolds in the 9th District of the State of California, where one man named Michael Ioane, is involved in three separate civil cases involving local judges, a doctor, and the IRS who have all joined in one collusive effort to destroy him. This is a man who was and remains a pillar of his local community. Mike Ioane is a well-liked and respected realty specialist, asset protection specialist and entrepreneur, a long-time resident of Bakersfield, California, who sits on the city planning commission, is fighting for his dignity and his life against unprecedented odds. He has sued and fought the IRS on several occasions and has won his cases. However the IRS believes they are above the law and rather than following procedures and mandates that are regulatory for their office, they have stepped outside the bounds of the law altogether, manipulating evidence and witnesses with threats, intimidation and “plea bargain” deals, in order to railroad one man. Why? To put it frankly, agents of the IRS failed to do their jobs and now they are trying to destroy someone in an effort to save their sorry behinds!

To save their jobs they have used several tactics, including not only skirting the laws of the state of California and the United States, but even abusing and breaking those laws. While filling up the court’s dockets. They do this by bringing spurious suits, sending out continual and unjustified lien notices, and repeated attempts to have their case heard in several courtrooms at once as they bring multiple actions for the same suit! They create pandemonium and confusion using our tax dollars to inundate the system with useless paper in a system already clogged to overflowing with spurious cases. Meanwhile they have threatened various witnesses, and made them perjure themselves in public court even causing one, Dr. Stephen Booth to change his entire documented testimony! This is patently illegal. On the line? Two million dollars that the IRS decided it wanted from Booth, which after making Booth perjure himself and retract testimonies, they now want out of the man they have concluded will become their fall-guy, their “patsy.”

However Michael Ioane will not go gently into the good night, and continues to fight and win against all odds. He fights against corrupt judges like Lawrence O’Neil, who go against their own rulings and failed policies. In Federal Court, judge O’Neil was extremely harsh and abusive against this particular man. The judge in the current civil cases, Anthony Ishii has been a bit more fair. However almost all judges will rule for the Federal govt. or IRS against a defendant in order to garner more power and authority. The Federal govt. uses politicians just like the mob does, to influence court decisions in their favor.
Garnering favor from the US government for a “job well done” is tantamount to taking a bribe.

Meanwhile, Judge O’Neil, who should not be in the position he holds, does not even read the law or file his own opinions when he makes judgments, but like some slacker school kid trying to BS a high school teacher, he simply looks at other lawmaker’s opinions and reports and cribs them for his own! With this technique he was able to go from being a local magistrate judge who signed a wrongful search warrant against Mr. Ioane (and O’Neil admitted to it!), to a district judge in record time. As a district judge he further complicated the case by refusing to look into his own wrongful warrant case. Then he sat in judgment on the very Federal case he should have recused himself from condemning Mike Ioane to false imprisonment! Ladder climbing Judges like this are easy prey for the manipulations of the IRS agency. They can force a judge to not look at a case for years, or to postpone a case indefinitely, or seal documents and records so the IRS can build a case they hadn’t taken time to correctly make in the first place. They use the law, lawyers and judges with the same dexterity the Mob uses such tools, until the confusion and chaos is so intense a gavel goes down, and the man we are speaking of is falsely imprisoned!

False search warrants, false arrests, false imprisonments. Has the US Government finally become the Fascist Monster we fought so hard to defeat in WWII? Have we the taxpayers and free citizens of the USA to go about in fear because we don’t want to pay the taxes some other person owes? Are we, as Michael Ioane was almost forced to do, to just pay up whatever trumped-up bill the IRS or the Federal govt. decides we owe, just to have some peace of mind? Mr. Ioane about could have done that, but instead he chose to fight. For that the govt. determined to ruin his life. What will the Obama Administration do next; declare people they say owe taxes to be “terrorists” and ship them off to Guantanamo? They will if we do not fight them. One man is fighting them, trying valiantly to get the spurious cases dismissed, trying to show that the Federal Government is not above the law and forcing them to abide by simple rules like respecting “Quiet Title” laws. All the rules and laws which judges, lawyers and agents of the govt. are supposed to abide by, just as any citizen is asked to do. All that needs to be done in this case is for the IRS to realize it is an extension of the Law, not the final arbiter of the Law. If they make a mistake, so be it. However when they seek to attack the innocent and promote the guilty it is time to make a stand.