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Here you will see the Plea Agreements, indictment and the newspaper publications

It is plan to see that the IRS could not figure out how much was evaded. First we see in the unsigned Plea that it was 3.8 million then it changed in the signed agreement to 207,000. Yet in the indictment it says 1.3 million and the IRS reported to the newspapers that the loss was 1.8 million, so which one is it? Maybe the F.B.I should investigate and ask Assistant US Attorney Mark Cullers, which one is it. We might find that Mark Cullers and others within the Department of Justice participated in a subordination of perjury; sounds like the real story is that Michael Scott Ioane found out the IRS fraud, exposed it and now is suffering for being a “Whistle Blower” of public corruption. There is a lot more to this story and we will be exposing the corruption involved as we uncover more and more facts behind this story.

Perhaps nothing was owed and no evasion was committed? The Jury surely did not get an instruction for tax evasion nor did the government even attempt to prove tax evasion during the Trial. Vincent Steven Booth and his Wife Louise simply didn’t have the faith to go to trial or maybe they committed a crime, that Michael Scott Ioane had nothing to do with. What we do know is that they took the easy way out lied at Trial and implicated Michael Scott Ioane. Never mind that they sought Michael Scott Ioane’s help, four years after they had created their own problems or that Michael Scott Ioane referred them to an Attorney for all major changes in their financial affairs! This was the IRS’s opportunity to get vengeance on Michael Scott Ioane. For the last 13 years Michael Scott Ioane has been exposing IRS corruption and let’s not forget he has two pending multimillion dollar lawsuits against the IRS; the exact same IRS agents who manufactured these false charges, and assisted Booths in implicating Michael Scott Ioane .

Michael Scott Ioane received no benefit from helping Vincent Steven Booth or Louise other than his normal consultation fees. It was the Booths who were the benefactors of this alleged, evasion, We say alleged evasion because the facts and Jury instructions prove unequivocally that Michael Scott Ioane was not convicted of conspiracy to commit tax evasion, as stated in the indictment; but, rather some sort of obstruction and impeding, which he was never charged with! What we find scary is that this happened with the assistance of the Attorney General’s Office, and in the presence of a federal judge. Citizens assume and want to believe that our Court’s and Government are free of corruption and play by the rules; but, what we are finding is they are not. This is scary and could happen to anyone of us. Michael Scott Ioane has been exposing the IRS for the last 13 years by filing reports with the Inspector General for Tax Administration, Congress and other oversight committee; however, these agencies have no interest in investigating public corruption. They are simply agencies created for the purpose of expanding the size of government and protecting their own; especially their $100,000K a year salaries; unimaginable retirement and medical benefits the normal Citizen will never imagine having; but, we will pay for it. Wonder why we have national economic problems?




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