Where and how does Booths Letter look like a Fictitious Financial Instrument. A financial instrument my be “issued by the Government or drawn on a government bank” according to United States VS. Albert Salman, West law No 05-10093, argued and submitted June 9, 2008, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The letter submitted to the IRS by Steven Booth was drawn on his own alleged “Personal UCC Trust Account”. Where in the letter are indications that BOOTH LETTER is a check similar to the bogus checks used in the Salman case.

The US v. Salman check, clearly states that the US government is the Bank, it says so right on the ACTUAL BOGUS CHECK AS STATED BY NINTH CIRCUIT.

Where does BOOTH LETTER say “pay to the order of”? It does not because it is a letter of offer, it asks the IRS to discharge their claims against him, just as if he had filed bankruptcy and based on some congressional act called HJR 192.  This letter is no different then if someone sent a letter to PG&E asking to credit 50 dollars for whatever  reason. If PG&E choose to credit the account great, and if they disagreed they would not credit the account and the bill would still be in effect.

How could anyone, given they were not uneducated ape,  say that this was somehow an attempt to defraud or pass a bogus check authorized by the US?

Is it now a crime to send a letter to the government disputing a debt or asking to have a debt discharged or abated?

This is non-sense and how a Judge ever let this get this far is preposterous. It is even more scary that a Jury actually thought that a letter was as an attempt to pass a bogus check?

Although the Jury might have been misguided by the false and incorrect jury instructions; they had to be completely out of their minds to consider BOOTH LETTER to the IRS  a bogus check.

Perhaps they were government plants cherry picked by the IRS. We all know this type of situation is not unheard of!

Booths Letter Sent to IRS disputing Charges

Salman’s Bogus Check sent to US