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If this story was properly being reported. Where are the documents that led to this accusation? Where are the court declarations i.e not the one sided IRS declarations. Where is the story behind all of this? Where are the statements and reasons why Michael was working with Steve Booth? Why is only Michael Ioane being pinned with all of the blame when several attorneys, accountants and title companies worked with these same companies? Why does Steve Booth and his wife get to walk away ONLY if they blame everything on Michael Ioane. Connect the dots I have yet to be able?

I am not trying to be a reporter. I am simply trying to advocate as am observer that there are two sides to this story and it would be nice to see reporters dig around for the hard core facts, including what is is lawful (Ioane’s rights, legal trusts and their activities) and not just what the U.S. Attorney’s Office says. Lets not be door mats and get walked all over.