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An Atwater tax preparer was convicted in federal court Monday of fraud, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Fresno said.

What is not being reported…

1-  Michael Ioane was arrested and indicted for one thing but tried for another.
– Is that legal? I think not.

2- His right to a speedy trial was denied several times.
– What took them 3 years to do come up with bogus testimonies perhaps?

3- Out of everyone who worked with Dr. Steven Booth attorneys, accountants and title companies only Michael Ioane is being harassed.

4- Dr. Booth really did not owe 4-5 million as now the IRS has agreed he only owed $200,000.                                                                                                                            -I guess Ioane and Booth really were fighting for something they believed to be true. So why is that called a criminal action?

5- Michael Ioane was only accused of helping Dr. Steve Booth after he filed a motion for wrongful lien which was placed on properties belonging to Michael Ioane.

“In 2007 an IRS Nominee Lean was placed on 3 of Michael Ioane’s properties by the Internal Revenue Service, claiming that Michael Ioane was somehow a nominee for Steven Booth. Then Michael Ioane sued the IRS for 2 Million and Quite Title. In retaliation the IRS asked the federal court to stay the proceedings while they conducted  a criminal investigation and prosecution against Michael Ioane.”

Attached is the Quite Title Judgment already granted to Michael Ioane prior to the allegations of Criminal actions” read the quite-title

Quite Title Defined by law dictionary.com A proceeding to establish an individual’s right to ownership of real property against one or more adverse claimants.

An action to quiet title is a lawsuit filed to establish ownership of real property (land and buildings affixed to land). The plaintiff in a quiet title action seeks a court order that prevents the respondent from making any subsequent claim to the property. Quiet title actions are necessary because real estate may change hands often, and it is not always easy to determine who has title to the property.

Attached is also documentation stating that Micheal Ioane was never a Nominee for Steven Booth. Read Declaration

Nominee Defined by legal dictionary.com a person or entity who is requested or named to act for another, such as an agent or trustee. 2) a potential successor to another’s rights under a contract. Example: In a real estate purchase agreement, Bob Buyer agrees to purchase the property, but provides that title (legal ownership) will be granted to “Bob Buyer or nominee,” so that Buyer can sell his rights to another person before the deal closes, or because Buyer is really acting for someone else


What is the IRS trying to cover?