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Jay Adkisson, website.  Known for being verbally abusive, slanderous and misguiding. See some of the quotes we have gathered from readers comments, reports and articles in regards to this website that is allegedly trying to help people.

“It has become famous for trashing absolutely EVERYONE who wants an accountable and law-abiding government so far as taxation is concerned”

“In my mind, Jay Adkisson is a control-freak and suffering from delusions of grandeur.”

“His website is celebrating economic terrorism.”

“His website places attacks those most vulnerable those in weak positions. he is a like a vulture waiting for his pray, a winch with a “missing eye!”

“Its editors act as a veil doing the bidding of the IRS and state in order to destroy those who dare speak up against a tyrannical Internal Revenue Service”

What we find to be even more ironic is that Jay Adkisson is an Attorney specializing in Asset protection. Sounds more than just coincidental that all the people he attacks are involved in similar fields.

Going back to the idea that His website is run by the state we were wondering what IRS agents or employees are funneling him information? Of course in violation of the IRC 6300. I am sure the victims of his sight would appreciate that information.

Food for Thought: Perhaps victims should file a Federal Unfair Trade Practices suit or perhaps maybe it is time to obtain a Declaratory Order from federal court stating his sight is nothing more than a Internal Revenue Service front organization.