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This declaration is from Steven Booth and his attorney John Reedy which was filled in Michael Ioane’s Quite Title proceedings against the IRS.

The declaration affirms by Steven Booth that he had and has no right, title or interest in the 3 properties Michael Ioane purchased in Bakersfield.

That he owes no Money to the IRS and that Michael Ioane has never been a nominee of Steven Booth.

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In 2007 an IRS Nominee Lean was placed on 3 of Michael Ioane’s properties by the Internal Revenue Service, claiming that Michael Ioane was somehow a nominee for Steven Booth.

Then Michael Ioane sued the IRS for 2 Million and Quite Title. In retaliation the IRS asked the federal court to stay the proceedings while they conducted  a criminal investigation and prosecution against Michael Ioane.

Attached is the Quite Title Judgment already granted to Michael Ioane prior to the allegations of Criminal actions  QUITE TITLE.