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Well, posting the truth has greatly upset the Judge in this matter.  Her name being Judge Snyder of Fresno, California.  Concerning the apparent denial of Mr. Ioane’s Fourth Amendment rights and his resulting arrest he appeared again before the court on June 30th.

According to Mike the judge held up and printed a version of a Ron Paul’s forum post and stated she was furious that her orders had been exposed on the Ron Paul site!

In apparent retaliation, 10 marshals entered the courtroom, intimating that Mike was going to be placed in jail.  Although the original order from the court instructed Mike to not offer tax advice or promote trust services, he is now accused of visiting a Dave Chapman web site and of blogging on the Ron Paul forum.  Mr. Ioane submitted an affidavit that he himself had not been posting on any blogs or forums, but that other parties were doing so.

Considering Mike is an IRS corruption investigator, it isn’t unreasonable or him to research constitutional and Department of Justice sites, as well as tax forums.  After all, visiting web sites was not a violation of the court’s order-neither was there a “gag order” or any imitation on conducting his customary business.

It makes one wonder, what is this court really after?  If someone visits a web site and reads about Hitler, will they be targeted as a Nazi?

He has now been ordered under house arrest.  Amazing, even more surprising, his wife, who is not under investigation, has been ordered not to use a computer anywhere on their home or property!

I’m no legal expert, but it looks like Mike is being punished for having his story out there.  This behavior on the part of the Fresno court is deeply disturbing.

Well its official the Judge has re-cused herself as of 7/3/2009