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In answer to the T.C. Memo. 2009-68 UNITED STATES TAX COURT MICHAEL SCOTT *IOANE*, filed March 26, 2009, the truth is this order was issued without evidence or merit in retaliation for Mike Ioane’s publicizing of IRS wrongdoings.

During the proceedings, Mike Ioane brought up the issue that the IRS failed to properly promegate the tax table, as mandated by Congress in 1993. Upon hearing this, Judge Wherry went on a rampage, directing the court reporter to ignore the statement, and ordered Mr. Ioane to cease any further statements about it.

The truth is in 1993 Congress mandated, pursuant to Internal Revenue Code 1F, that the IRS shall prescribe certain tax tables in accordance with various inflation and consumer price indexes. In this instance, the IRS failed to comply with standards set by Congress.

If the IRS was to retroactively comply, the consequences would result in hundreds of billions of dollars in refunds to American taxpayers.

In response to the above tax court document, Mike states:

This is merely a retaliation for my making public the Ninth Circuit opinion that the IRS committed fraud, a case in which the US Tax Court was overruled. After all these threats, harrassments and attempts to interfere in my lawful business activities by the IRS, I wonder what reward the Lord has waiting for me. Every time these folks do something illegal to harass me it seems there is something much more rewarding waiting . . maybe it is to allow me the opportunity to expose the criminal activity on the part of the IRS and the Justice Department.

Mike Ioane has three successful civil litigations pending against the IRS totalling in excess of $3 million.

In an effort to wake taxpayers up to the abuses and irregularities of the US Tax Court, Mike will continue to make public the contradictions in evidence in the T.C. matter. Return to this blog for updates, or visit www.truthinlaw.org.